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Sifu Bill Chun, Jr.

Honored Founder & Creator of the
Kenpo/Kempo Lõ Kahi
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professor wilfrid peladeau

Sifu Bill Chun Jr.'s Tribute to
Professor Wilfrid Peladeau

My Little Buddy

Wilfrid Peladeau, with the love of his life, Lee, whom became a household name in the Chun’s Ohana home in Vallejo, California in the year of 1962-63. 

Chun, Sr. and Willie became friends when both worked together at Louie’s Shell Gas Station in Vallejo.  They became close and no sooner Willie became Chun Senior’s best friend and student and his little buddy and “tough bugga” as Chun, Sr. would say.  He had to show his buddy the art of Professor William Chow’s Go Shin Jitsu/Chinese Kempo of the hard and soft styles which Willy loved.

Chun, Sr. taught the Art at the Vallejo Community Center on Amador and Georgia St. along with his first student, Wilfrid Peladeau, who later became Chun, Sr.’s first promoted to black belt.

In 1964 they went to Richmond, California to check out a building that was up for rent.  Funny side to this is when they saw the inside for the first time, it was a wooden floor in bad condition, the windows were shattered or broken out and a lot of pigeon waste all over the place.  After being silent for a few seconds, then only Willy can say something that made Chun, Sr. laugh and laugh.  Chun Sr replied, "there’s a lot of work to do", and Willy jumped in and said, “Yeah and a whole lot of pigeon crap to clean!"  Laughter!

So we moved in to our first dojo, different from the garage or backyard,  or the Vallejo Community Center.  The Vallejo Community Center was OK, but too many rules. 

In 1965, Chun, Sr. decided to move back the dojo back to Vallejo on Georgia St, a few blocks from where it started at the Vallejo Community Center.

Willy was Chun, Sr’s Little Buddy and there was no one who dare to disrespect Willy.  Their friendship had built to an Ohana type of respect and love.  A Student, Friend, and his Little Buddy.

We will miss you, Willy, and I, Chun, Jr. will remember and cherish your advice on things related to the Arts after your friend, and my Father, had passed on.

Bill Chun, Jr