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Sifu Bill Chun, Jr.

Honored Founder & Creator of the
Kenpo/Kempo Lõ Kahi
Association of America



Sifu Bill Chun, Jr.

Spirit of Lo Kahi Message:

My deepest appreciation to Soke Thomas B. Mitose and his son and successor Hanshi Mark Mitose of the traditional Kosho-Ryu Kenpo Karate.
This event of the Kenpo/Kempo Lo' kahi was given the opportunity again to experience the return of Soke T.Mitose, Hanshi M. Mitose and Sifu (Master) Chun, Jr. From the young too the adults all the practitioners had a long day with 3 hours in each session. Soke Mitose shared his history and then with a number of techniques. After his event there was a roar of appreciation....great stuff Soke. It's been a rough road at times, but Soke stays focus on his journey and continue his ohana heritage. There's a word in Hawaiian that has a strong meaning when it's used and that is the...koko, which means blood! Others can use all the tricks and use the old paper technique with these can be true/false, but it can't take away the true meaning of the human blood and gens. I was taught the Fist of Law/Empty Hand and the Chinese or China Hand in regards to our Kenpo/Kempo art styles which has the conditions of the Rules/Regulations and the By-Laws. 

So, I thank you Soke and Hanshi for your generous time from your ohana and for the wonderful time teaching the future students of the correct ways of the Kosho-Ryu Kenpo. I understand my history from Chow/Chun, Sr. and they always....always said, you protect and defend your rights in the belief in our roots and for those who believe in a different way, I have only one free advice, when and if you see this write up, don't send me your thoughts without hearing our ways and stories and through my journey I've seen these things that's happening and it's a disgrace to the Mitose and Chow lineage. Fist of Law/Chinese Fist

A huge and a big MAHALO to Sensee/Shihan John James, who has been a Federation member since 2005 and the Vice-Pres. in 2011 of the Lo' kahi Association in which he has demonstrated and proven to the Kenpo/Kempo Federation of the Chow/Chun,Sr., art style and that your loyalty to the roots of the Mitose and Chows lineage. Though you have been through negative support cause of your true meaning of the Fist of Law your time and effort that you have sacrificed is beyond the test of the Empty Hand and for this you can be proud and stand tall with your understanding that you have brought back of the true meaning of your roots in the Kenpo/Kempo art form of styles through The Go Shin Jitsu Kenpo/Chinese Kempo and the Lo' Kahi Associates of Littleton, Mass. THANK YOU!  And for members Sensee Dennis Coffey and Sensee David Pinney, you have displayed your loyalty and your beliefs in your journey with your hard work and your dedication, great job on the event, you all have displayed the Fist of Law to Soke T. Mitose and Hanshi Mark Mitose and that we are on the same track of this simple mission.  This is a special and a BIG ALOHA AND MAHALO TO MRS. DIANE PINNEY FOR HER PART WITH A DELIGHFUL LOBSTER DINNER and TO THE OTHERS WHO TOOK PART IN THIS SURPRISING FEAST, WE AND I SAY.....mmmm, maika'i loa (very good), ono!

The USA Karate of Somerset, Mass., under the guidance of Sensee/Shihan Shannon Nadeau. A member of the Go Shin Jitsu Kenpo/Chinese Kempo Federation and serves as a Committee Member on the Lo' Kahi Associates of Massachusetts, Sensee Nadeau and the USA Karate dojo has our deepest appreciation and graduate for the full support which I feel could have never happened without the USA Karate Dojo. Mahalo for your loyalty and in your beliefs of your lineage to your roots, you have also displayed your vision to your path and I am honored to have a haumana (student) that can show his ability to adapt to the Chow/Chun, Sr., Methods. Your heart is full as I watched you teach your students and now you have your ohana, you and your beautiful new bride Alicia is off to a wonderful future....congratulations to the Newly Weds!!!! I'm also, so proud of the USA Karate students for the participation of the October 4 2014 event, you have displayed the Fist of Law and the Empty Hand with honor and loyalty to your roots and I am proud to say, on behave of Great Grandmaster William Chow and Grandmaster William Chun, Sr....Mahalo! 

On a personal note, I'm grateful and proud to have Sensee/Shihan Shannon Nadeau as a student and a friend, keep up on your training and your beliefs of your path and continue teaching your students of their history and of their lineage.

For the Keiki (Children), keep up the good work and listen to your Sensee, I was proud of all of you at the event, you helped me when it came to some of our GSJK Forms and Katas, and because not all of the other students knew these Forms or Katas, you still were all were sharp as the USA Kenpo Karate haumana, and again, Thank You!

The DMA Martial Arts of Newton, Mass., under the guidance of Godan/Sensee Daniel Antila.
This young Sensee/Yodan practitioner whom I had the pleasure meeting in 2002 on one of my first trips to the Massachusetts area was one of the delights of why we do this, I was invited to instruct a workshop at there dojo and if my memories serve me right, I was overwhelmed with students, the room filled, I looked around to see if I can find a black belt to help and as I was screening the area it didn't take long, there stood this young man, I walked towards him and asked him if he would mined, if he would take the lower/higher case belts whom were children into the waiting area and as I was instructing them on what I wanted to be worked on, handed the responsibilities with him to insure my instructions was followed and Sensee Antila did just that and I put him in the level of a true practitioner to our roots, Sensee Antila, Thank You!
The Duncan's Martial Arts of Syracuse, New York., under the guidance of Sifu/Soke Rudy Duncan.
What can I say about this next practitioner, Sifu Duncan. I think it was in the late nineties that we first met in California and boy did you come a long way. I hope that you will become a long supporter and a voice in our art of Kenpo/Kempo. Thank you for the support and it was good to see you again.
The Dragon Phoenix Kenpo of Lowell, Mass., under the guidance of Shihan/Sensee Jesse Dewire.
The test continues and thank you, and I enjoyed your students, very entertaining.

The Al Lima's Studios of self Defense of New Hampshire, under the guidance of Shihan Lima, mahalo for your support and thank you for introducing yourself and sharing your thoughts and I hope your arm heals well and again mahalo....Sifu

The Independent Karate of New Hampshire,

The Avon Kenpo/Aikido Academy CT.,   


Aloha nui loa,
Sifu Chun, Jr.