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Master Bill Chun, Jr.

Honored Founder & Creator of the
Kenpo/Kempo Lõ Kahi
Association of America



HANSUKI Form Update
by Master Bill Chun, Jr.

To whom it may concern:

My name is William Chun, Jr. It has been brought to my attention concerning the original Art Form of the Hansuki, which was created by William Chun, Sr., whom to many of the East Coast is the Grandmaster of your Branches and is the Roots to William Chow (Great Grandmaster).
This is not a subject of who did what. I have seen the disgrace of what is a sacred form that was not even close to the Hansuki form that only three or at most four true Chow/Chun, Sr. students
had learned. It's just unfortunate that there are so many in the Kenpo/Kempo system that doesn't know this fine Art. I remember at one of my seminars, a student asked me, "Master Chun, why is your Kenpo/Kempo different?" I replied back, "It's the Original Arts Style of the
Chow/Chun, Sr. roots, so it's your Arts Style that has become different."
I knew then that I had a hard road and a lot of work ahead of me. So I guess this will be one of my friendship messages concerning the form Hansuki.

What I understand of this form that comes out of the East Coast is that it doesn't have any meaning or character compared to the Original. This is the only difference. From the original form Hansuki, which was created by Grandmaster Chun, Sr., it's just unfortunate that others don't respect a true form of creativity. Others use the excuse by saying, 'They are doing it out of respect for the Creator.' This is why they do it. But how can one understand what they don't feel when they are blinded by their own demons. Diluting is what's being done to this form. I'm
writing this message to all Kenpo/Kempo practitioners, 'Study your Fist of Law and the China/Empty Hand'.

I have met and still keep in touch with many of the East Coast students from all parts of the New England area. I've taught and seen really good Kenpo/Kempo practitioners, but I understand the dilemma of being between a hard rock and loyalty. When an Artist uses his brush, he knows that adding will keep the similarity to the original vision.

I never use television, books, DVD's, or tapes for training of one's Art Style. I understand my duties as a Representative and Successor to the Chow/Chun, Sr's lineage and roots. The
International Self Defense Federation/Association will continue to share and educate the future students of the Art Style of Kenpo/Kempo.

This is not up for discussion. We can talk about it, but would we all really understand it? I learned through my training the hands and feet are not going to be used more than your mind. Which leads to not wasting my energy from, or for one's point of views of making lies in of one's own beliefs. When you look at a picture and want to add to this picture, you are not only visualizing, you're creating from others.

The damage has been done. And for my part, it's simply correcting who the true creator of the
form Hansuki is. And for those who sent their concerns and dismay of what happened to this form, I send my Mahalo (I thank you) for that and want to insure all of you that it's in good hands.

May all of you be safe and till we get to meet again, god bless and nui loa.

Aloha and Mahalo,
Master Chun, Jr.