professor chun

Master Bill Chun, Jr.

Honored Founder & Creator of the
Kenpo/Kempo Lõ Kahi
Association of America



kenpo/kempo unity patch


Officially RETIRED...

Dear Kenpo/Kempo Community,

The Kenpo/Kempo Lõ Kahi Association of America would like to announce that the Kenpo/Kempo Unity patch is hereby Officially retired.

The Kenpo/Kempo Unity patch was created in 2005 by Master Bill Chun, Jr. to acknowledge the growing relationship between the Art Styles of Go Shin Jitsu Kenpo/Chinese Kempo Kai and Kenpo on the East Coast, more specifically NCK.

However, due to the recent disbandment of the NCK Executive Board, and thus the Official end of the NCK Leadership, the Unity Patch's reason for being no longer exists. Thus the patch is now retired.