professor chun

Master Bill Chun, Jr.

Honored Founder & Creator of the
Kenpo/Kempo Lõ Kahi
Association of America




Professor Peladeau
Professor Wilfred Peladeau


On the 10Th day of December of 2011 at a club house in American Canyon, California, an event that was a surprise move to promote and handover the Professorship level to a pioneer haumana (student) and a good hoaloha (friend)of the late Grandmaster William Chun, Sr, Wilfred Peladeau. In addition, Master Wilfrid Peladeau was and continues to be a loyal and devoted human being as a haumana and hoaloha of Grandmaster William Chun, Sr. and Master Chun, Jr.

Before the promotion event began, Master Chun, Jr. had called for a conference call from the East Coast, Massachusetts. Master Chun, Jr. has demonstrated another lesson on the fine testing of the "Fist of Law and the Empty Hand". Master Chun, Jr., had displayed his respect for the Chow/Chun, Sr. Method by honoring his branch and lineage to his roots. Master Chun, Jr....believes...within by order.

The conference call was between all Federation and Association students and members. Master Chun, Jr., had announced a position of Vice-President for the Lo'kahi Association and awarded the Assistant Sensee to Sensee John James. Sensee James is also a member and a student of the Federation under the guidance of Master Chun, Jr., dating back to 2004. Both men have developed a student and friend relationship. Sensee James was given the honor to teach the concepts of the Foundation and Basics of the Chow/Chun, Sr. methods to the future haumana.

CONGRATULATIONS Sensee James, continue your true journey in the art style of Kenpo/Kempo. Your honesty and devotion to your roots will be rewarded with the knowledge you continue to learn of your branch and lineage to your roots. Good job....” Master Chun, Jr.

Prior to the promotion ceremony, a lunch was served to the guests, haumanas/students, and instructors.  Master Chun asked his long time haumana, Sensee Brian Peladeau, to say grace.  Sensee Peladeau did a wonderful job and the prayer came from his heart. He mentioned the past, the present, and how the future can be seen. After the prayer the keiki (children), ohana (family) and hoaloha (friends) were asked to help themselves to the food and drinks that were organized by Lee Peladeau and Kathleen Chun, along with the help from the Federation haumanas, Sensee Bobby Carreon, Johnny Young, Richard Millhollin and Sensee Banqui Parker.

The Promotion ceremony began after the lunch was enjoyed by all attending.  Master Chun started the promotion first with haumana, Richard Millhillon.  Master Chun presented Richard with a certificate of purple belt.  Richard holds a black belt in another Kenpo art style. Master Chun stated, “Richard is becoming within another character in this art style of our Kenpo/Kempo. Keep focus and breath and you'll be OK....” Master Chun, Jr.

Master Chun called for haumana, Johnny Young. Johnny has been a student of the GSJK Federation since the 1990's and under the guidance of Master Chun, Jr. During the presentation, Master Chun stated he notices the Chinese Kempo art style in haumana, Johnny, and the loyalty and kindness Johnny has established on his path.  Johnny was promoted to green belt.  Johnny is the only underbelt to hold a position on the GSJK Board of Directors. Master Chun commented “It is an honor to have Johnny be part of the Go Shin Jitsu Kenpo/Chinese Kempo Kai and it won't be long before we all will be calling haumana, Johnny Young....Sensee! Don't let the Green Belt fool anyone....” Master Chun, Jr.

The Final Promotion Presentation:
Master Chun started the final promotion by giving his aloha and mahalo to the guests, family, friends, and members of the Federation and the Association. He gave a big mahalo to the guest witness of the Kajukenbo clan, Grandmaster Emil Bautista, whom has been close to the Chun, Sr. lineage and a competitor, colleague, and a friend to Master Wilfrid Peladeau since the 1960s. Betty Bautista and Sigung Rob Peladeau, the son of Master Peladeau and a haumana of Grandmaster Bautista. Master Chun extends a big Mahalo to Grandmaster Bautista for his support and for witnessing this rare occasion....

Master Chun shared a short story, which was told to him by Master Peladeau years ago. The story clearly reflected the relationship between Grandmaster Chun, Sr. and Master Wilfrid Peladeau.  The story indicates what type a human being and a teacher Grandmaster Chun, Sr. was to Master Peladeau.  Master Chun, Jr. stated, “I believe it was friends at first sight...”  Long story-short; two men work at the same gas station, Grandmaster Chun, Sr. informs Master Peladeau about a job opening for the City of Vallejo. Both men apply for the same position. Grandmaster Chun, Sr. wasn't offered the job, but Master Peladeau did. Grandmaster Chun, Sr.  tells Willy to accept it, you have an ohana. Master Peladeau accepts the position; Grandmaster Chun, Sr. is then offered a position by Quantas Airlines in San Francisco.  Everyone is happy... especially Master Chun, Jr., he gets to go to Hawaii in the summer...Another story.

Wilfrid Peladeau is the senior and a pioneer of the art style of Go Shin Jitsu Kenpo/Chinese Kempo Kai. Mr. Peladeau has been a Chow/Chun, Sr. Clan member since 1964. Mr. Peladeau's dedication to his training and his loyalty to his Sensee and Hoaloha has been displayed through the "Fist of Law and Empty Hand". Mr. Peladeau's wisdom and philosophy has been mirrored through his devotion to the Federation and love for his mentor, William Chun, Sr.

"To see Great Grandmaster Chow and Grandmaster Chun, Sr....And, now a Professor in Wilfrid Peladeau make it complete in regards to our Title and Ranks system. It's a wonderful time of our branch to the Creator and Founder of our art style "....Master Chun, Jr.

Master Chun continued by thanking Willy for his friendship and love for Grandmaster Chun, Sr. and the family. Master Chun, Jr., then announced the turnover of the Professorship to Master Peladeau. This presentation was followed with cheers and tears from family and friends. Professor Peladeau was overwhelmed and tearful at times. As he was receiving his certificate, he leaned over and whispered in Master Chun, Jr.’s ear, "You're still trying to drag me in further" and with a smile, Master Chun,Jr. whispered back to Professor Peladeau, "Pay back comes back from 1993, how's it feel...Mele Kalkimaka”.

During the Professor hand over, Master Chun also presented the late Grandmaster and Chun, Jr. father's black belt to Professor Peladeau.  It was very special for Master Chun, Jr...." It doesn't fit and whom better to deserve this than my father's best haumana and hoaloha ".  Master Chun, Jr.

With both men laughing and little tears, a cheer and clapping erupted as family and friends were taking pictures of this memorable event. Master Chun, Jr. stepped back clapping and giving Professor Peladeau his moment of joy....
”Love you Willy and mahalo!...Master Chun, Jr.

In addition to this memorable event
Master Chun, Jr. made this statement.

“The tradition of the Chow/Chun, Sr. Method of Kenpo/Kempo is now set to continue its journey of the "Fist of Law and the Empty Hand". I hope some day the Chow Clan would get together and promote Chow and his art styles. May we all come together as only simply the Chow's Clan of Chinese Kempo. Let's represent the Creator and Founder without prejudice and or politics! Teach your add on or extension to one’s creation and it will have meaning to his success. Grandmaster Chow was a great human being and if all that was breathing the same air as the Thunderbolt, then you should have known you were in the presence of a great, wonderful,  disciplined martial artist"....Master Chun, Jr.

Master Chun, Jr. sends the following wish:

Hau'oli Makahiki Hou (Happy New Year)  to ALL Chow's roots, the Kara-ho Chinese Kempo, Kajukenbo, the CHA-3 Kenpo, GSJK Students (Massachusetts) and the Omaha Kenpo Clans....Master Chun, Jr.