professor chun

Master Bill Chun, Jr.

Honored Founder & Creator of the
Kenpo/Kempo Lõ Kahi
Association of America



professor chow plaque mounting

Professor William K.S. Chow
'Mounting of the Plaque'

YMCA, Honolulu, HI

On Thursday, May 17, 2007, Master Chun, Jr. and his wife, Kathleen, traveled to Honolulu, Hawaii for the final salute and to honor our creator developer of his art style of Chinese Kempo. It was held at the Nuuanu YMCA. Before the mounting, there was a change of the wall where the plaque was originally to be mounted. Master Chun, Jr. had made a decision to have the plaque mounted 75 feet from the entry way. This gave the 'Professa' his own and only wall. His Plaque is the only plaque on this wall. The mounting of this plaque was and is for everyone who either knew the 'Professa' or heard of him. It is a reminder to show who the 'Professa' was and as a human being was respected throughout Hawaii and internationally.

Although there were only a few that showed their respect, they showed up for this historic piece in our Kenpo and /or Kempo world. There were Kajukenbo students and other martial arts such as Akido and Kung Fu practitioners as on lookers. When Master Chun, Jr. approached them and shook their hands, shared stories with them, and found out how these people heard or knew of the 'Professa'. The stories that were spoken and shared were of no surprise to Master Chun, Jr. A special 'Mahalo' to these students of our lineage, Sigung Jason Groff, his son, John, Professor Manidog and a student from the Leeward Kenpo Clan

Master Chun, Jr. also wants to make this point clear to everyone. The Sensei’s, Professors, Masters, and Grandmasters that were present at the event and have their names on the plaque were told by Master Chun, Jr. that it wasn’t necessary for these Kenpo/Kempo respectfuls to be at this presentation of the Mounting of the Plaque. Master Chun felt these wonderful and generous people have already done their duty and showed their loyalty and love for their Chinese Kempo teacher. Our akua and kumu was watching over all of us on this glorious day.

Before the mounting, Master Chun’s first cousin, Sean Chun, who also is a Lua Practitioner on the island of Kauai, Hawaii, came to Honolulu to say a Hawaiian Prayer. After the prayer (see prayer below), Master Chun, Jr. said a few words and both Master Chun, Jr and Sean Chun faced the plaque and each gave and sent their respects with Chun, Jr. bowing with the “open and closed fist” which indicates the “hard and soft” symbol and Sean Chun gave the Lua Warrior respect with “both fists closed above his head”. A leiomano was a gift given to Master Chun, Jr. from his cousin, Sean.

Not only was this presentation of the plaque a historical event, Master Chun, Jr. had the chance to have present two other first cousins, Ed and Kim Galase of Oahu, Hawaii. Unfortunately, the attempts to locate Steven Chow were not a success, although, his 3rd nephew, Lester Chow, was present.

Final Thoughts of “The Professa”

I, Myself, and with others that either heard or knew of the 'Professa', try to keep his memory alive by the things he had taught us. This is a man that truly deserves to be honored. There are too many “I’s” out there. Have your empire, but keep it clean, use the 'Professa’s' teachings, but keep it true.

This Plaque is to honor the 'Professa' and not make anything from it. The Chun Clan never used or disrespected the 'Professa'. He was dedicated to his development and proud of understanding his reasons to be out of the ordinary. We are here to create and to preserve our development.

In my Father’s words, “Be prepared to live in poverty and be used by others, if you feel you are the sole inheritor to Chow’s Chinese Kempo”.

Mahalo to all that supported me and for your makana (gift) to make this possible. From the Clans of the Go Shin Jitsu Kenpo/Chinese Kempo Kai and the Kenpo/Kempo Unity, have a long life and be true and train hard.


Master Chun, Jr.

E Pule ?ano, (Let us pray now)

E Ke Akua,

Mahalo ia ‘oe no keia la a ka hui ?ana i mea e ho?ohanohano ia Professa Chow
Thank you for this day and for the gathering to honor Professa Chow.

E ho mai ka ?ike mai luna mai e I mea e Ho?oulu ka lahui o Hawaii I nei.
Grant us the knowledge from above so that the people of Hawaii may grow.

E ho mai ka mea pono.
Grant us good things.

E ho mai ka mana.
Grant us power.

A, e ho mai ka mea huna
And reveal to us the things that are hidden

E Ke Akua
We have gathered here today to give honor and tribute to William
K.S. “Thunderbolt” Chow, the Professa. He was a man of honor and
known for his pioneering leadership and knowledge in the martial
arts. The Professa was also known for his healing and philosophical
teachings. He has left his teachings and his lineage standing before you here
today, Ke Akua. We also take this time to honor our Fathers, our
Uncles, William Chun, Sr. John Lory Chun, Henry Q. H. Chun and
Uncle Joe Chun. We look to them for guidance and strength under
your name, Ke Akua, and thank those that have gone before us. They
have paved the way and follow your path, Ke Akua. We honor them
and the Professa in your name with the placing of this plaque.

E Ola mau ka mo'oku?auhau, (may the lineage (legacy) live on of…) Great Grandmaster William 'Thunderbolt' Chow.

Sean Chun
Kaua’i, Hawaii