professor chun

Master Bill Chun, Jr.

Honored Founder & Creator of the
Kenpo/Kempo Lõ Kahi
Association of America



Master Bill Chun, Jr.
NCK of Omaha - Nebraska

On the weekend of October 14th, Master Bill Chun, Jr. returned to Omaha to perform a marathon of seminars that spanned two days and reached over 80 people.  The seminars were divided up into Children Underbelts, Children Brown/Black, Adult Underbelts, and Adult Brown/Black.  The increased number of seminars meant that each seminar would have fewer participants and allow each person to have more individual contact with Master Chun, Jr.  Each seminar was specifically tailored to the needs and skill level of the participants in their respective groups.  Master Chun, Jr. continued to show the breadth and depth of the Go Shin Jitsu Kenpo/Chinese Kempo system that his father and Great Grandmaster Chow passed onto him. 

Master Chun, Jr. would like to thank Sensei Tom Scott and the students of NCK of Omaha for their continued support of the Chow/Chun system.