professor chun

Master Bill Chun, Jr.

Honored Founder & Creator of the
Kenpo/Kempo Lõ Kahi
Association of America



Master Bill Chun, Jr.
NCK of Omaha, NE

On April 16 & 17, 2004, Master Bill Chun, Jr. made a welcome return to Omaha, Nebraska.  Throughout the two days event, Master Chun, Jr. conducted three seminars for children and adults of all ages and ranks.  The seminars had something for everyone including power development, techniques against single attacks from various angles.  The techniques varied from simple three step techniques to more advanced circular motion with take downs. Master Chun, Jr. taught the participants many new concepts and methods of movement and delivery. 

The seminar was hosted by Sensei Tom Scott of  NCK of Omaha who, as usual, was a stellar host. Master Chun, Jr. extends his 'Aloha' to everyone in Omaha and looks forward to seeing everyone soon.