professor chun

Sifu Bill Chun, Jr.

Honored Founder & Creator of the
Kenpo/Kempo Lõ Kahi
Association of America



professor chun , jr.

Sifu Bill Chun, Jr.
Successor, Chow/Chun Method
Go Shin Jitsu Kenpo/Chinese Kempo

Born in Hawaii in 1953, Sifu Bill Chun, Jr. has had an 'Old School' Martial Arts education.  Starting his training at the age of five under the supervision of his father, Grandmaster Bill Chun, Sr., Sifu Chun, Jr. quickly showed signs of the talent that led to his father becoming GGM 'Professa' William Chow’s protégé and highest ranking student (11th Dan).  At the age of seven, while still living in Hawaii, GGM Chow started to instruct Sifu Chun, Jr. in the fundamentals of his style of Go Shin Jitsu Kenpo.  His training with GGM Chow and his father over the ensuing years honed young Sifu Chun’s patience, discipline, and power.  His ‘dojo’ would at times be the powerful resistance of a Papaya tree or the awesome force of the ocean’s waves. At the age of 26, Sifu Chun, Jr. earned his Black Belt from his father and Professor Chow.

After many years of practice and patience, the long journey was rewarded with Sifu Bill Chun, Jr. having mastered both of GGM Chow’s systems.  The only other person to do so besides his father.

After the death, of GGM Chow in 1987 and his father in 1993, Sifu Bill Chun, Jr. took his rightful place as head of the Chow/Chun system. Today Sifu Bill Chun, Jr. continues to pass on the teachings of his father and GGM Chow to a small but dedicated group of students. Sifu Chun, Jr. always welcomes the opportunity to teach the Chow/Chun system to those interested. It's this philosophy that prompted Sifu Chun, Jr. to create the Kenpo/Kempo Lõ Kahi Association of America so that others may have the opportunity to learn and appreciate the True Kenpo/Kempo of GGM Chow and GM Chun, Sr.


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